Modern Elegance: North York's Vibrant Semi-Detached Residence

Discover the epitome of North York living with this charming semi-detached residence, ideally situated in the heart of the vibrant neighbourhood. Boasting six parking spaces, this property goes above and beyond by featuring a legally added second unit with separate entrances. Each unit is thoughtfully designed, equipped with its own fully equipped kitchen, providing convenience and privacy.

The first-floor unit stands out with unique offerings, including a sunroom that bathes the space in natural light, a picturesque window framing scenic views, and a private area for relaxation. Every room in both units is accompanied by its own dedicated bathroom, ensuring comfort and convenience for every occupant.



Adding to the allure, the entire property has recently undergone a stylish renovation, introducing a brand-new aesthetic that seamlessly blends modern design with practical functionality. Embrace the harmonious blend of comfort, privacy, and contemporary living in this meticulously updated North York residence.

Housing Investments in Canada’s 2022 Federal Budget

The Government of Canada announced its 2022 budget on April 7, with housing being among the top areas receiving investments during this pandemic recovery period. This budget is arriving at the halfway mark of the government’s ten-year National Housing Strategy (NHS), and there remains much room for improvement.  

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GTA Condo Sales Reached an All-Time High

TORONTO – A record fourth quarter capped off a record year for condominium apartment sales in 2021. While condo listings were high from a historic perspective, it was not a record year on the supply side of the market. In fact, condo buyers experienced.

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LACKIE: Tough times for Toronto rental market

Every day, without fail, someone will ask me, “So, how’s the real estate market these days?”

The fascination is real, and I get it. Toronto real estate in the time of COVID-19 is somehow exactly as you’d expect while simultaneously defying all conceivable expectations.

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Housing Market Snapshot for July 2020: A Record-Breaking Month for Home Sales

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted across Canada, home buyers and sellers have been busy! National home sales and new listings have continued to increase since June, with July seeing more home sales across Canada than any other month in the history of the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) database–which dates back more than 40 years!  Read more

Toronto Housing Prices Continue To Climb 📈

Ontario has announced plans for most of the province to enter Phase 3 as of Friday, with the exception of Toronto and a few other regions. The final phase of Ontario's Action Plan means the re-opening of nearly all businesses, including gyms, theatres and restaurants. Indoor gathering limits will increase from 10 to 50 people, while outdoor attendance will increase to 100. High-risk businesses such as amusement and water parks, as well as buffets, will remain closed (sorry Mandarin). While it's not yet known when Toronto might enter Phase 3, it's clear that our real estate market has been anything but quarantined.
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3 Creative Strategies to Finance Real Estate Deals

One of the things that make real estate investing so exciting is the creativity one can implement to fund deals. In truth, your ability to fund is limited only by your imagination (and the law, of course), so the purpose of this article is to expand your mind and allow you to explore the more "creative" side of real estate. Read more

5 Unusual Down Payment Methods Nobody Talks About

There are a lot of books out there talking about ways to purchase property with no money down. You might have even read Brandon Turner’s The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down. Owner financing and seller carry-back are some of the most common ways to obtain a down payment.

Over the years, I have heard of and used many different ways to buy real estate. Not all of these ways will work for everyone, but hopefully this will provide you with enough tools to get the deal done.

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4 Ways to Find Private Money Lenders to Fund Your Real Estate Deals

Private money lenders are all around. A recent study showed that 22 percent of American workers have at least $100,000 in their retirement fund. With 154 million workers in America, that means more than 30 million Americans have more than $100,000 in their retirement account, being shaken around by the stock market or accepting low fixed returns from CDs/annuities/savings accounts or other investments.

We have numerous ways of finding these individuals, perhaps more ways than we can list here, but allow me to go through the four most common methods for finding individuals willing to lend their money for your next deal.

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How to Invest in Real Estate With Only $1,000

Usually, if something seems too good to be true, it is.

But what about investing in real estate with low or no money down? Is it just a myth or can it really be done?

I’m here to tell you there are paths you can take to start investing with only $1,000—or less.

You're probably not going to find a loan where the bank says, "Sure, we'll take $1,000 down payment. We won't even charge you any extra fees."That’s not gonna happen. But there are paths that you can take to start investing without a lot of cash. Let’s call it creative finance because you’re going to replace all of that cash you normally would need with a creative method instead. So, let me give you a few good places to start.

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